The Democrats of Camden County, Georgia or DoCC as some call it, was founded in 1990 by local citizens. In doing so, we united St. Marys, GA Democrats, Kingsland, GA Democrats, Woodbine, GA Democrats and Camden County, GA Democrats into a single, unified voice to promote democratic values.  And like most volunteer organizations, we've had our ups and downs over the years, but we're growing and energized now.  Please join us!  

We are also certified to represent the Georgia Democratic Party in Camden County via these elected and ex officio members of the Camden County Democratic Committee:

- Walter Spencer, District 1

- Robert Cummings, District 1

- Linda Victory, District 2 & Vice Chair / Acting Chair

- Mary Beckman, District 3 & Secretary

- David Surbrook, District 4

- Nelson Cummings, District 5

- Ashley Cooper-Heath, District 5 & Treasurer

- James Corbett, Ex officio (as Past Chair) & County State Committee Member