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Summary of DoCC Meetings from January 2019       

  • Our January 5 meeting was an initial gathering of ideas about what our priorities should be this year and about how to organize ourselves to work toward our goals for the year.
  • Our February 2 meeting began with the Committee re-electing James Corbett as the Camden County member of the State Party Committee, and resigning from the office of Chair to avoid a conflict of interest with his position on the Camden County Board of Elections and Registration, with Linda Victory stepping in as Acting Chair. Lisa Ring, the new Chair for Georgia's District 1, visited and announced the first district-wide meeting in Screven, GA, on May 18.
  • At our March 2 meeting, the Committee voted unanimously to accept a revision of the bylaws, which clarified the nature of the at-large posts and added a process for amending the bylaws.
  • At our April 6 meeting, we reviewed the developments in the PSA scandal since July, 2018, and voted to publish a letter laying out the facts that are being ignored in another political party's official response. 
  • At our May 4 meeting, we heard a report on a survey that was distributed at our booth at the Crawfish Festival. All of the issues were deemed important by at least a few respondents, with highest priority given to (1) ensuring free elections, (2) providing health care for everyone, and (3) getting big money out of politics, and strong priority given also to(4) electing ethical leaders locally, (5) clean air & water for our children, and (6) reforming the justice system.
  • In lieu of a full-fledged community meeting in July, we participated in the Saint Marys Kiwanis Independence Day Festivalon July 4, and the Committee met briefly to elect members to fill vacancies for Post 3 (Kassie Taylor) and Post 7 (Timothy Bessent). 
  • At our September 7 meeting, we invited candidates for the Woodbine City offices to answer questions and heard from two young women who are reviving the Camden County chapter of the Young Democrats.
  • We moved our October 5 meeting to September 28 to be able to participate in the Rock Shrimp Festival.
  • At our November 2 meeting, we viewed the documentary Suppressed: The fight to vote and then discussed actions that we can take to support voters in Camden County. 

Contact the Committee Secretary at if you want a copy of the approved minutes of any of these previous meetings. 

Democrats of Camden County, Georgia

Welcome to the Democrats of Camden County, Georgia, website. We're glad you've found us! Here you will find timely news related to activities of the organization, as well as how you can become involved with the Democratic Party of Camden County, GA. Regardless if you're a Liberal Democrat, Conservative Democrat, or somewhere in the middle, please consider joining us and sharing your input.  Use the "Contact" link above to send an email with your concerns and we'll get back to you within a day. Additional information about the organization can be found using the links above.

    If you're unsure about where to vote - or if you're even still registered to vote - call the Board of Elections and Registrars Office year-round at 912-576-3245 for fast and friendly information and assistance.

    Remember, you'll need a state approved identification card with your photograph in order to vote in person. Also, in Georgia, a voter may request an Absentee Ballot without having to provide a reason. Many voters find the convenience and ease of voting from home the best and safest method to ensure they are able to vote.

In Memoriam       

In April, 2019, we lost David Southern, a life-long Democrat who helped sustain civil political discussion in Camden County.  The Tribune & Georgian published a tribute to the way that he "encouraged others to join him in thinking about things, educating themselves and empowering them to have conversations about issues, especially during contentious times."  At our June meeting, the DoCC presented a donation to Coastal Re-Entry & Veterans Coalition, Inc., in his memory.      

Meet and/or connect with us!

We normally meet as a community on the first Saturday of every month. The next meeting is a end-of-year get together on Saturday, December 7, 2019, at 5:00 PM at a location to be arranged where we can bring food to share. 

You can also call at (912) 227-9649 or email us at and someone will get back to you normally within 24 hours.